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Andrés Bello University


To be a university which offers, to those who aspire to progress, an integrated educational experience of excellence for an interconnected world, supported in a critical cultivation of knowledge, and in a new systematic generation of knowledge.

National Prize of Applied Sciences and Technology 2014

«Behind 27 years of history, we are a university of quality, inclusivity, diversity and plurality, which promotes achievement, and which offers real opportunities of employment and social mobility to thousands of youths and adults. We are a school which wagers for academic excellence, research  and the link with the media, connecting the world with a clear international stamp. Without a doubt, we are committed to the training of professionals, teachers and researchers that have transformed the Chile of tomorrow.

José Rodríguez Pérez: President

José Rodríguez Pérez is an electrical civil engineer of the Frederico Santa María University of Technology, ex-President of that department for 8 years, and Doctor of Electrical Engineering in the University of Erlangen, Germany. In March 2015, he accepted the challenge to lead the future of UNAB (Andrés Bello University). The renowned researcher received the National Prize for Applied Sciences and Technologies in 2014, for his more than 250 scientific publications. For 2 consecutive years (2014 and 2015), the Thomson Reuers included him in the «Highly Cited» list, which honours the most influential scientific researchers of the world, being the only Chilean belonging to this select group. During his professional career, he also stood out for his role as alternate manager of a Millennium Group and for numerous Fondecyt and Fondef projects, as well as having participated in the Presidential Advisory Board of Superior Education.

Education Model: A stamp which distinguishes 

With the aim of securing the quality of the 68 daytime and evening programs, which impart the University of Andrés Bello to have implemented a 2.0 educational model, with noticeable emphasis on the accompaniment which they give to the degree programs. The university aspires to its graduates response, and to be owners of a stamp which distinguishes them, characterised for research, internationalisation, social responsibility and the power of soft competition, and its favourable combination to enter into society and the labor world. Also, UNAB is responsible for the complementary plan of abilities, which promotes the students to face professional demands that their professions provide in the labour sphere.

Why study in Andrés Bello University?

  • Quality: We are part of the system only admission. You can apply to the UNAB through the system of selection that uses traditional universities. (

Re-acredited Institution for the 3rd consecutive time for the National Accreditation Commission (CNA), the last was for 2013-2017 period. This certification allows for the student to opt for the Guaranteed State Loan.

Accredited University in Chile and the US, by the prestigious North American agency ‘Middle States Commission of Higher Education’ (MSCHE), for a period of 5 years (2015-2020). External verification that the institution achieved with their institutional project and with standards of quality.

80% of the students questioned are in accredited careers or are in the process of accreditation.

93% of UNAB graduates work in their area of study, and around 90% have work in the first year of graduating (Study TNS 2014). A well as this, there are diverse careers in UNAB on, with employment around 90%.

  • Research

UNAB is made up of first level scientists and researchers.

First non-traditional private university accredited in research.

1st place between our peers in the international Scimago ranking, in which the quality of research is measured in diverse institutions of the world.

Within the first 5 Chilean Universities with regard to a number if ISI publications in 2014.

2nd Chilean University in the Scimago ranking 2014 in the area of the impact of technology and 4th in the same measurement in regard to innovative knowledge.

7th place in regard to the quality of research, being the first non-traditional private university of this measurement (University Rankings 2015, ‘Qué Pasa’ Magazine).

Over 152 current Fondecyt projects, 9 research centres, 6 institutes and The Millennium Scientific Nucleus and 3 Fondap.

  • Link with the Public

UNAB contributes to building a better Chile, by implementing diverse programs that seek to contribute to our environment, especially to the more vulnerable sectors.

It grants thousands of dental appointments, ophthalmology, legal consultancies and psychologists, free to the community.

It nourishes an agenda of cultural activities, and of the spread of the sciences and knowledge is open to the community

  • Inclusivity

Diverse scholarship and financial options. In 2016, around 70% of the new students benefited directly from the university.

Only university in Chile with a program that seeks to promote the labour ability of students with special educational needs, and that today has a total of 233 graduates in 3 locations.

A new United Inclusive Education exists, that is part of the Vice-Presidential Academics, that seeks to answer all students with disabilities, both physical and sensory, in careers of the common programs.

  • International

160+ signed agreements by the institution with those of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Permanent innovation in order to incorporate the new tendencies of effective learning, online courses and conferences and the teaching of languages.

Doble Degree option, which permits you to obtain a professional grade in a foreign university, other than your original place of study.

The students can participate in important global conferences, like World Business Forum, and Clinton Global Initiative, in which they communicate via streaming to everyone on UNAB campus.

Big network of exchange students, who facilitate the arrival of more than 500 students of other countries.


The Viña del Mar campus, of 53,800 square meters, is built in a priviledged location, already possesses an easy access from the city centre, inner cities, Valparaíso and Reñaca.

The modern building has a large amount of degree offers for UNAB as much as a daytime and evening regime, accomplished in order to give an effective response to the educational requirements of the region.

In all of our installations, what stands out are the 100 classrooms, 73 laboratories, 3 auditoriums and an impressive 2,200 square meter library with a silence room and a small study room.

  • Libraries

The library system of UNAB headquarters Viña del Mar satisfies the requirements of information and encourages the comprehensive rise of the university community, contributing to the facilitation or continual learning and researching through the management of knowledge, lending services of information, collections of bibliographic material, technology and adequate physical space for the distinctive academic units of the university.

On offer for users, from the year 2015, are new installations, with 2,200 square meters of construction, a silent study room of 60 square meters which can fit as many as 539 people in the room.

The bibliographical collection in the Viña del Mar campus consists of 70,821 volumes and 26,500 titles, as well as subscriptions to magazine leaflets, and national and regional diaries.

The system is through a special library administration software, Symphony, in which, aside form the principle functions, has search systems, like electronic catalogues and reserved material in line with the platform of use with access to the internet.

  • Sports Centre

The Viña del Mar headquarters of UNAB comes with a sport complex, located in a square of the main building, in the Sporting Club sector, which is 2347.25 square meters built with a total sporting surface of 1824.44 square meters, awarded excellent conditions for teaching, sport and recreation.

Standing out in these instalments, our gym which possesses a multi-court, which consists of a pulastic surface with a sports area.

Semi-olympic, temperate pool of 415 square meters, 25m long with 6 lanes of 1.8m in width. With a teaching board in every perimeter, temperate water and  27 degrees air, stands, male and female changing rooms and a hold for materials.

Also the students can access a body-building class, tennis courts, multi-use rooms, spinning, classrooms, athletics pitches, football fields, offices, salt-pits, cafeteria, etc.

Clinical Campuses 

To make the practical experience better for students, there are clinical campuses, that they use to link degrees to the faculty of the area of health. To mention a few, we can show the following:

  • In Viña del Mar: Claudio Vincuña Hospital, Quillota Hospital, Quilpué Hospital, NEF Admiral Navy Hospital, Institute of Work Security, Viña Quillota Health Service, Valparíso San Antonio Health Service, Valparíso SpA Clinic, Marírimo Hospital. Consultancies of the Valparíso Illustrative Municipal, Viña del Mar, Quilpué, Concón, German Villa, Casablanca, Cartagena Calera, and more.
  • In Santiago: El Pino Hospital, Barres Luco Hospital, Luis Tisné Hospital, Indisa Clinic, Workers ACHS Hospital, Lilas Hospital, Coihues Hospital, Integramedica. Also, the Illustrative Municipals of: San Bernardo, El Bosque, Lo Barnechea, Peñalolén, Puente Alto and Santiago.
  • In Conception: Penco Lirquén Hospital, Tomé Hospital, University Clinic, Admiral Navy Hospital of Adriazola, COANIL, Cesfam, Health Service of Talcahuario, Armada Health, Chilean Security Association, University Clinic of Conception, Private Health Centres like University Clinic and German Health. Also, the Illustrative Municipals of Conception, San Pedro, Hualpén, Talcahuano and Hualqui.

Institutes and Laboratories

Modern institutes of research, like CIMIS, Biomedical Research, Bioinformation, Integrative Biology, Marínas de Quintay Institute of Research (CIMARC), as well as numerous laboratories in all of our headquarters such as:  Bioenergetic Experiment, Celulas and Pharmacological Biology, Celular and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Microbiology, Audiology, Molecular Microbiology, Neurobiology, etc.

Simulation Centres

There is a complete simulation centre clinic, which provides to health degree students a specially designed technological environment for learning and forming excellent professionals.

For the degree of law, we give students a simulation room layout, in which they can recreate diverse oral audiences, respect timing procedures and form their own trials.

The school of Psychology has a mirror room, or Gesell Room, which permits a team of professionals to follow and supervise a clinical session or evaluation carried out by the students.

Services and Benefits

  • Free cultural and academic activities
  • UNAB jobs
  • Care Clinics for students
  • Bicycles
  • Clubs and Cafes
  • Multi-print and photocopy services
  • Nursing for students
  • Common rooms and smaller study rooms
  • Academic orientation
  • Academic tutors (to better comprehend something, subjects characterised by their difficulty and high fail rates rates)
  • Technical workshops for learning and time management
  • Internet rooms/notebook loans
  • English programs

Admission Procedure

Those who have performed the PSU (University Selection Test) in the years 2015 and/or 2016, can apply to UNAB through a Unique Admission System of Universities on the Advice of Presidents (

Minimum grade application: UNAB requires a minimum PSU grade to be nominated to any of the degrees.

Minimum average grade of PSU application: UNAB requires a minimum grade from the PSU to apply to any of the degrees.

Systems of Entry: Undergraduate

UNAB has 5 entry procedures for our programs:

  1. PSU entry procedure: of which degrees are offered, detailed in this book. (translation project).
  2. Entry to evening courses: as well as our programs on the daily timetable, UNAB offers evening degree timetables, where you can apply directly through the web or one of our headquarters.
  3. Entry to an Executive program called Advance: consisting of degrees on offer to professionals who already have a title.
  4. Special entry: appropriate for a parallel system of selection and registration of undergraduate degreewhich considers distinctive personal factors of experience with standardised performance. It is applied, in general, to those who have done secondary studies on an exchange, students with distinctive capabilities, outstanding sports people or artists, among others. The legal requirement is to have an Average Education License, and/or a Recognition of Studies Award for the Mineduc.
  5. Continuing studies: Appropriate for a system of selection and registration of the undergraduate degreewhich considers the performance of students studying in other superior education institutes.

For more information about our admission process, consult

Financial System

Loan with state guarantee

There are diverse alternatives that can finance the registration of the degrees that are taught at UNAB

  • Benefits for which students can opt for when they find themselves in vulnerable economic situations in order for them to finance their studies.
  • Cover the complete or referential costs of the undergraduate degree which they are studying in one of the accredited Superior Educational Institutes that form part of the Loan System with State Guarantee, and it will not be necessary to apply every year (more information at It will not cover the registration or the difference between enrolment deposit and the true enrolment for the degree.
  • There are two endorsements: the Institute of Superior Education in which students study, and the state, which is guaranteed towards the students having paid completely for a loan.
  • The minimum that can be asked for is $200,000 and the maximum equivalent is 100% of the enrolment fee of reference. (
  • The student who requests the CAE, commences to pay a year and a half after graduating.


The university is not free-of-charge, however it has multiple options to finance your degree that will allow you to have 0 co-payment nd scholarships up tp 100%. In 2016, around 2,000 new students coming from the top 5 percentile, received some form of scholarship from UNAB.

27,000+ students with Government Loans of 20,027 endorsed by the university

3,000+ scholarships of Academic Merit

1,500+ scholarships of Economic assistance

4,000+ complementary scholarships of state benefit

11,000 scholarships from the Ministry of Education that actually studied at UNAB

The collection of people who benefit from this has been found through a scholarship simulator that can be found on the website:

In this portal, the applicant is simulated with dates associated with grades, degrees of your preference, and socioeconomic entry of a familiar group. With this already stated information, the application makes known, by virtue of the data entered, the amount of the scholarship that the student can obtain to finance the enrolment.

The scholarships are given and maintained for the entire time the degree lasts, according to your study plan. They renew annually provided that the following are completed:

  • No more than 1 failed subject per semester
  • You can not fail the same subject twice
  1. Scholarship of Preferential Enrolment: covers 100% of enrolment for 29017 for selected students, and enrolment in one of your top 3 options in UNAB.
  2. Scholarship of Regional Development: reduction in registration in annual tuition fees for every degree, for students graduated from colleges of all regions, except Metropolitana, who desire to study in the headquarters of Viña del Mar or Conception.
  3. Academic Scholarship: covers 100% of enrolment for the year during all of the degree, according to your study plan. This is awarded to students who have done well in PSU in 2015 or 2016, obtaining a merit mark. Along with this, the beneficiary must apply for UNAB in the 2017 admission process and be selected in a degree in the place of study between the top 3 preferences. The last request is to have completed and printed out the certificate on the site, up until the last day of applications to Chilean Universities through DEMRE.
  4. Antonio Varas Scholarship: designed for those who wish to study a degree in the area of education. It is awarded according to the average mark in PSU submitted in the Admission Process of 2015 or 2016. It covers 10% to 100% of the annual registration for the whole of the degree according to your study plan.
  5. Sports Scholarship: consists of a discount in tuition fees, going from 10% and up to 100% of annual registration and is awarded for all of your degree, according to your study plan. You can apply for sports discounts, principally national and federate selections.

Helpful Services for Secondary School Students:

ExploraUNAB and school link:

In order to establish links with the school community, UNAB created the website ExploraUNAB. Through this agency, the university proposes to students the link of school, real activities in the different campuses, in which they have the possibility of living the university experience, also being able to know in detail about the degree of their interest. In the same way, ExploraUNAB offers teachers and representatives convenient and clear information with respect to our academic offers. It also helps future university students, putting guides and assistance to their disposition.

Apply for vocational advice, help with workshops, visits and interviews with directors of courses at